Trent_Sterling Divine Beast Ascension
After an unfortunate accident, Oli ends up dead. Luckily he opens his eyes to find himself in a new world with a new chance at life. The only difference is that now he 's a beast in the wild with an undetermined fate.He must survive in this new environment at all costs cause in this world one thing is desired above all else, Ascension, which is done by devouring one another and growing at the cost...
obsessedWithWolves Part Wolf
As she drew closer to the door, she could clearly hear two men bickering "I swear if you lay a finger-" Deep breath. Elize repeated to herself as she pushed the door open. Two heads whipped towards her direction from the corridor to which the door opened. The conversation between them seemed to have died down with her presence. One of the two tall men stepped towards her. An animalistic...
tsumina The Strongest Hero arriving in the Cultivation Realm
After chasing the guy who attack City Z, Saitama jogged towards the escaping flying guy with a speed faster than light but then was lost in the middle of the chase and discovered himself in a strange foreign world.
Feng Guang Pampering Big Cat Wife
Expressing love with words? Oh, Lu You and Tang Wan were really old-fashioned. Look at her curve her tiger mouth and still don’t eat him into the belly! She is famous in heaven for being a greedy tiger. For the sake of finding a partner for the marathon, she actually transmigrated into the body of Tang Wan who is delicate and gentle. She was also taken by Lu You to live in a golden house and not to be exposed to daylight. She even lived a almost vegetarian life, making her wish to bite open he